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Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

*NuR HaNa
UNITEN student (BBA HR)
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dearest roommies
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I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Faahanie Eton

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“life will be better in spring”
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Saturday, February 25, 2012 || 7:52 AM

hye2~lma dh x update...(lama la sgt kan..?) xD now...a few days back...i felt like an idiot...little lost to my world..bcoz of...pressure..yeah...when u grown up...the pressure is higher...have to think all the things...
I just...seems a little bit lost...n i cried~!! xD seems "cengeng".?ehh..?scientific proves that when women can release their tnsion.oke.?

So..back to the topic..when everybody is pushing u..what do u feel.?kind of stress .?yup..that's what i've been through..i just need somebody to cmfort me..but it seems nobody does..n...also...tringat plak kat arwah kawan's been... 7 month...n truly..i miss her so much..stiap kali tgk gmbr aq n dy time school...lg la wt aq ase nk nangis... T__T

Also..i think about what had happened to me n's a disaster...he kick me out although i'm the one who leave from his life...seriously..i don't even know what i was doing at that time...i lost to my own feeling..n know..maybe "karma" is punishing me..maybe i deserve that..i'm not a good person anyway..i always hurting his feeling..but...somehow..i hope that he's happy with his life right now..i do hope n pray everyday for him n his fmily..

#kna wt rawatan rsdung.agk mnakutkan..(mula2 x ske kna asap.uhuk uhuk)!