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Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

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dearest roommies
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I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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Still Can't Let Go of The Past
Sunday, March 16, 2014 || 3:00 AM

Assalamualaikum wbt sbagai pembuka bicara..
Pada hari ini, saya akan . . . . .

Ahah, amboiiii . skema bak hang pulak kali nie..tak pernah2 dibuatnya.adoi.So, as u all can is a new skin for my blog. The old seems kinda boring ( a little), maybe i need a change. So, regarding to the title...seems macam ada kes jea...huhu. Sebenarnya..takde la sngat (iye kea nie) . . .

In short, well . . skrang nie dah masuk dua sem dah satu U dengan dia...mula2 terasa pelik..and lama2 makin ok la kot..cuma takde la asyik lepak memanjang jea..nak jumpa pun payah..kadang2 dalam sebulan..tak nampak pun dy..sedangkan UNITEN kat muadzam nie bukannya besar mana pun..huhu. Ok. that's not the point. The point is..i don't seems like the flashback from the past came back into my life. Is it me who still can't let go of the past..i don't know..i really don't know..

It's been 4 years since the broke up..Yes, we do broke up for a reason..walaupun dah pernah ada yg baru..but seems u won't leave from my life..entah laa...taktau nak khabar camne dah..uhuuu. Orang kalu tgk kita dari segi luaran..mgkin ada yang kata.. i move on..but actually..maybe not 100%..maybe there is still hope that we can be back as before..tapi..dalam masa yg sama..i still afraid the same things will happen again..It's hard to get up again and move on after the tragedy (wahh , tragedi ko..tragedi oktober ke apa)..

Tapi, apapun..nie semua on my side..from his side...i don't know..apa yg aq tau..he said let us be like this for a while...(friends) and just see what will happen in the future..because we couldn't predict anything.. If it meant to us..then it will be.. Hari tu pun masa aku ada kes ngan someone pun..he just giving advise..this is still not the time for me to find someone right i was like... OK... mgkin dsbbkan kata2 dari dia i still can live as more crying or something like that..means that frustration..

So, as to the conclusion..actually , there is no conclusion..just sharing a bit about my feelings..sometimes this way kinda work for me..release the feeling..and it makes me feel a lot better. i guess. ok . so, see u next time .

Wassalam ;)